Rayne Anna Storm

Hello :)

My name is Kourtnee… but I’m also known by my spiritual name, Rayne Anna Storm.

So who am I?  Well I can say for certain that I am not your average woman. By far. And I doubt you will find anyone to dispute it either. Let’s just say that I am a very unique individual (that’s putting it mildly, many would say). I can accomplish anything -if I set my mind to conquer it… but I wouldn’t say I am a master of any one thing. Which is great because it means I have lots of room to grow… here, there and everywhere.


To be a guiding light from which others can develop themselves to reach their dreams n’ desires. (Personal Development)

To be a guiding light from which others can create their reality in love n’ light. (Spiritual Guidance)

To be a guiding light from which others can live their everyday lives inspired n’ motivated. (Inspired Living)


To be a place of love n’ light… be it a good day or a bad day… where one can come for support n’ advice -or- for inspiration n’ motivation.


You can not be successful if you do not have a solid foundation from which to stand on and work from. Sometimes a foundation just needs a little repair and it’s good as new. Other times, you have to face the fact that building on top of sand isn’t all that practical… as you watch all your hard work get wash away.

The foundation of Loving n’ Living Life is based on my 3P-Philosophy of Purpose, Principles and Practice.

Purpose… providing assistance in finding ones passion to lead them to their purpose

Principles… imparting a set of fundamental truths to attain love n’ happiness everyday 

Practice… encouraging inspired action and motivation to create a positive lifestyle

Here, There and Everywhere...

Loving n’ Living Life is not your average lifestyle site… not to say I didn’t try. But life isn’t all that … organizationally simple. It has a lot of overlapping and linked areas that just can’t be separated out.

So, you’ll find that this is an all-encompassing site; guiding you through your every days, with self-help and spiritual guidance -to- inspirational and motivational advice.

Loving n’ Living Life is here to guide you and to inspire n’ motivate you on your journey, so that you can learn to harmoniously balance all aspects of your life; your inner-self, your family, and your world.